Thursday, December 22, 2011

Study Time Always On The Mind

All the kids may be on holiday break right now, but it is never too late nor too early to start thinking about the SAT's or ACT's for those in high school.  There is a growing number of seniors heading off to college every fall, so taking every necessary step to prepare yourself for these tests is more important than ever.  I did not take an ACT prep course and completed the test with an overall score of 28.  I always wished that I had found a tutoring service that was easy to access so that I could have been better prepared and maybe have even gotten that perfect score!  If only I had known about StudyPoint back when I was getting ready for the ACT.  Not only do they offer services to help prepare you or your student for the ACT or SAT tests, but they also offer math tutoring and any other subject you need help in.  Plus if you want to be a tutor and have the necessary experience you can aply right on the website and help make a difference in another child's life!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For The Lovely Ladies of the BM Discussion Page....

I know I said this in a comment on the page, but I wanted to repost it so the ladies not following the thread would see it and know how thankful I am to be included in this group.  So please excuse the beginning not making tons of sense out of context (and slightly expanded from the original comment it was just easier to copy/paste and add):

 Having access to someone super experienced in working with spandex is a dangerous thing. And like I said, not trying to poach anyone from BM, since obviously they still get almost my money! Especially tomorrow. I just noticed some cool fabrics on there that BM doesn't have for sale that made me go "Get on my legs right MEOW!" and some of the limited stuff that I was so sad to have missed so I thought I would share the opportunity with JUST the people on this page because I love each and every one of you ladies. We're an amazing community, we help each other with more than just creating beautiful BM based outfits... but with recipes, advice, and just being there. I don't know a lot of people where I live and the short time I have been on this page I may not have talked much, but when I do I feel welcomed and accepted and I am so thankful that the amazing amazing company of Black Milk Clothing helped me to find all of you.  No one here judges or discriminates.  We all boost one another's confidence.  I've moved around a lot the last 3 years and as a result have lost many of my friends from my past, fell out of touch with the newer ones I moved away from, and fallen out of touch with my family.  I am also in a really rough place in my life right now, living on a couch that is too short for me in my brother's apartment, taking more than a full-time load at school to try and finish and be able to find a decent paying job before my mother throws us out of here/stops paying for the rent, and trying to find work (because promo modeling is FAR from reliable and I suck at selling copies of my novel)  .  So I am near a computer more than I am real people right now.  And how secluded I have become has led me to become overly anxious in larger social situations.  I had started a job serving at a small tea-room in town and in less than 2 hours I had 3 panic attacks and the owner told me to go home, and I was so embarrassed I never went back.  This may sound silly, but having all of you to talk to and being a part of this community has made me feel more connected to the world.  Like I said, I know I have not been super active, but somehow logging on and keeping up with everyone makes me feel better every single day.  You all make my struggle a little bit easier, so thank you so very, very much for that.

<3 Megz

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Planned us a little road trip down to New Orleans

As previously mentioned, I lived in new Orleans for 6 months. Towards the end of February, just before Mardi Gras, I decided to use some of my strategically acquired funding to retrieve items from my storage unit down there.  I did not want to make the drive alone so I enlisted the help of my friends Julia and Steve.  Steve volunteered his vehicle and we set off toward my old apartment, it would be about a 16 hour drive.  On the way down we stopped at a Jack In The Box for food since they do not have any locations in our area.

Once arriving we all cleaned ourselves up and headed out to one of my favorite sushi spots from when I lived there, Tennou and for a sweet treat from Parrot Pete's. We had dessert first, because Tennou was not quite open.  Julia and I shared a petits four and a key lime cupcake.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

After we finished off our treats, we headed over to Tennou to enjoy some sushi.  This trip was going to be a no calories spared type of trip, the very definition of decadence. This is the spread of sushi that I decided upon:

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

I ate nearly all of it, but we wound up with leftovers and lots of sharing going on as well.  After the sushi it was time to head over the river and into the French Quarter to try and catch the Krewe of King Arthur parade and as many beads as we could. 


        Photo Credit: Stephen Moist

The parade was followed by lots of random wandering about the Quarter.  We stopped in and out of shops and after dark sampled several different local specialties.  We started at Acme Oyster House, where of course we had oysters, but also fried craw-fish tails and Boo Fries (fries with roast beef gravy and cheese).  The oysters were fresh and succulent and we went through them rather quickly.
Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

After the late night snack we headed down to Flanagan's Pub to go on one of the walking ghost tours, something I had not gotten to do while I lived in NOLA. Our tour guide was cute as a button and made the stories come to life.  I have always been interested in the supernatural and ghost tales and it was an amazing experience. This is one of the stops on the tour:

Photo Credit: Stephen Moist

The ghost tour was the end of our evening in the Quarter, we went back to the apartment and ventured down to the hot tub only to find that it was not working.  So instead we all just headed to bed.  The following morning we headed back to the quarter to have beignets and coffee at Cafe Du Monde.  

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

Now, if you have never had a beignet you absolutely must put them on your culinary to-do list.  I have fond memories of these light airy French doughnuts.  My step-grandmother Ella would make my brother and I beignets in the mornings when we stayed the night at her and my Papa Burt's home. 

After breakfast we sought out Voodoo Authentica to browse the shop.  I walked away from the store with two candles.  We also stopped in a few other Voodoo or Magick themed stores.  After our shopping trip we headed back to the main part of the Quarter to find Coop's Place for our lunch stop.  We ordered the taste plate which consists of a cup of seafood gumbo, shrimp creole, Cajun fried chicken, red beans & rice with sausage, and rabbit & sausage jambalaya.  We upgraded to the jambalaya supreme which also has shrimp, crawfish, & tasso as ingredients.  We split everything up and chatted with a couple at a nearby table, who left before we were finished and took care of our bill without saying word.  That taste place really does taste like New Orleans, it had every flavor I missed.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

After lunch we tried to make it to Saint Louis Cemetery #1, but they were already closed upon our arrival.  So we walked back by Jackson Square to watch some street performers, where we caught a B-Boy show.  

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

The next day would sadly be our last, and we were going to wake up early to go have brunch in the Quarter and see Saint Louis Number 1 while it was open. I wanted to get a peak at the tombs of Marie Laveau and Monsieur Dupre, the Voodoo Queen and King of New Orleans.

We were going to go for crepes, but upon reading the menu of Jager Haus we changed our plans last minute. We ordered a sweet potato belgian waffle and a tradtiona flamm'kueche.  The waffle was almost too pretty to eat and was perfectly sweet.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

The flamm'kueche was something none of us had ever tried before. It was basically an extra thin crust brie and onion pizza with bacon, crème fraîche and scallions.  It was probably the best thing I ate on the entire trip, making my goal to find a recipe so I can master it myself at home.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

After finishing our meal we hustled on down to the cemetery and split off to take photos and explore.  This is one of the tombs that had the most impact on me.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

It took some searching but I finally found Marie Leveau's tomb and partook in the wish ritual.  My wish has yet to come true, but I think I may have wished for the wrong thing anyhow.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

On the way out of the cemetery we passed the future resting place of Nicholas Cage and I had to snap a photo of it.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

After the cemetery we headed back across the river to pack up, get some lunch, and head to my storage unit.  The only thing left on my to-do list for food was Cane's chicken.  We each got a Caniac to enjoy.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

Somehow with all the phenomenal food in New Orleans; I frequently miss Cane's more than anything else.

We got to my storage unit and loaded Steve's car up with as much as we could fit before getting back on the road to Bloomington.  Along the way we stopped at a gas station outside Ponchatoula for some fresh strawberries and I picked up some homemade jellies and a boudin sausage.  After that we drove until we were hungry and Steve decided to stop at a Krystal Burger.  This was my first Krystal Burger:

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

And I would come to regret it, because about an hour or so later I started to feel nauseated and after stopping at the beautiful Lake Lincoln State Park in Mississippi for some more photo ops....

Photo Credit: Stephen Moist

Photo Credit: Stephen Moist

The only photo of Steve:
Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

Beautiful outdoor church:
Photo Credit: PosionMegz

We got back on the road and shortly thereafter had to pull over for me to become violently ill, which would happen an additional four or five times along the way.  Even with getting sick the trip was still more than worth it and I'm so thankful Steve and Julia got to join me and to Steve for donating the use of his car AND doing all the driving.  They definitely make good road trip buddies and hopefully we will be able to do it again some time, after all I do have half a storage unit left down there and another trip would just be absolutely decadent of us...


Sunday, April 3, 2011

We Could All Use a Little Chaos

Well hello there world! And by world I mean the 4 people following this and whoever else may happen upon it.  I realize I have taken a bit of a break from this so forgive me.  We all have times in our life where things get a little hectic though, right?

So first let me start with that brunch I mentioned from my trip to Virginia.

Benedict at Lunasea in Virginia Beach
Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

My friend Michael had mentioned this brunch to me before, he is a regular attendee. I joined him on my last visit and chose to order this Benedict.  It had a sweet maple ham instead of the typical Canadian bacon. It was topped with a creamy crab sauce and had a perfectly cooked egg.  It was possibly the best brunch I have ever had in my life and was definitely decadent.  After the Benedict itself was gone I was left with the thick cut hashbrowns and some of that sublime crab sauce.  So of course the hashbrowns got dunked into that sauce before landing in my mouth. So very good.  I have every intention of making brunch at Lunasea a regular activity on my future trips to VA Beach.

And it made the trip worth the 15 hour drive.

So there is the snippet on brunch that I promised.  The next post will be all about a spontaneous road trip to New Orleans!

Remember, always Live Life Decadently!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Buffalo Wild Wings Newest Sauces

My recent trip to Virginia found me going out to eat a lot.  On one of these occasions my friend Andrew picked me up and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch a hockey game and get him his last meal before he had to fast for a doctor's appointment.  Now, I've always referred to Buffalo Wild Wings as B-Dubs.  Apparently this is not a common thing because Andrew had no idea what I was talking about when I said that.  So now that it's been clarified I will say B-dubs from this point forward.

Now, I love spicy and I love chicken so B-Dubs is a place that I happen to have been numerous times.  I typically order the Mango Habanero sauce on boneless wings.  I've tried other sauces and just not found them spicy enough, or lacking in flavor.  On this visit I noticed that they had two new sauces Jammin' Jalapeño and Thai Curry. I am a huge fan of curry and jalapeños so I decided to try both.

I also ordered a top-shelf margarita, only to find that they were out of Patron.  It was still excellent to sip on while waiting for my wings though.

I decided to try the Jammin' Jalapeno ones first:

The sauce was a little light so the waitress brought me out a side of it which I immediately dumped over the wings.  I have a pretty high spice tolerance so to me they weren't terribly spicy, but spicy enough.  The flavor was a little sweet with the jalapeño kick.  I enjoyed them and will probably order the sauce again before it's gone.

Next was the Thai Curry wings:

I am a huge fan of both all things Thai and curry related when it comes to food so I was extremely hopeful of this sauce.  They came to the table and they smelled like curry which was a great sign.  The sauce was on the lower end of B-Dubs spice spectrum.  I like my curry a little spicier than this was but the curry flavor was definitely there.  Although I did let my ex and his son try the leftovers and they thought they were way too spicy.  So I suppose it just depends on how used to spicy foods you are.  This was nowhere as yummy as a curry sauce I would get in an actual Thai restaurant but it was a good and quick cheap alternative.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Virginia moon, I'll wait for you tonight

As previously mentioned I recently moved away from Virginia Beach, VA.  I had left a few things behind, mostly clothes and shoes or kitchen items.  I happened into enough money to get there and back recently and decided to go out and retrieve these things as well as see some friends.  This happened to include my ex Will since it was his birthday on the day I was arriving.

I always drive through the night when I make long road trips.  I enjoy the lack of traffic and quietness of it all.  It seems rather peaceful.  All was going well until I made a wrong turn somewhere along the OH/WV border.  I wound up on a narrow winding road for 20 miles.  As I rounded a turn I saw what appeared to be an adorable Golden Retriever on the side of the road.  I slowed down in case it darted into the street.  As I got closer I could see that what I thought to be a sweet puppy dog was actually a dog gnawing on a deer with its muzzle soaked with blood.  I knew I must be close to West Virginia, because who else would have Zombie dogs? Sure enough 5 minutes later I found the Interstate again and was in West Virginia.

The rest of the drive was fairly easy and I pulled up to my Ex's house, where I would be staying, at about 7 am on the 28th.  I tried to be quiet coming in, but he was on the couch and woke up.  He had work that day, so I just gave him his gift and then he had to be on his way.  I got to pass out for a few hours thankfully. I did nothing other than watch Netflix until Will got off work that night. 

I took him out for dinner to celebrate his birthday.  He chose Gordon Biersch for dinner.  Since I had never been there and I'm a beer fan this was perfect for me.  I decided not to worry about calories or money on this trip and just to bathe myself in decadence.  So for an appetizer we ordered their homemade chips which were  topped with bleu cheese crumbles, scallions and smoked bacon.  They were crunchy and covered in bacon and bleu cheese and we cleared the plate.  For dinner he ordered fish tacos and I ordered a pulled pork sandwich with ginger rice.    The sandwich is made with their Marzen BBQ sauce and topped with coleslaw, served on a challah roll.  I found the concept of pork served on challah to be terribly ironic and had to order it.  The pork just melted in my mouth it was so tender. As for the ginger rice (which is not what it comes with, I had to substitute it) It was delicious as well, just enough ginger bite to satisfy the ginger craving I had been having.  

As far as the beer goes I had the Schwarzbier. This is how the site for Gordon Biersch describes it:

Literally meaning “black beer” in German, this delectably 
dark lager has a surprisingly light body with a delicious, 
dry, roasted coffee finish.

That sounds about right to me.  I love black beers.  Although I much prefer Xingu to this.  I had wanted to try a seasonal beer but apparently January 28th falls in between when they have seasonal beers.  Unfortunately that meant I only had 5 beers to choose from.  I enjoyed it though. 

For dessert we split an apple bread pudding that had a whiskey sauce on it. It was so rich and thick we couldn't even bring ourselves to finish it between the two of us.

Most of this trip revolved around food for me.  Other stops included Red Lobster and Buffalo Wild Wings.  They were both as good as they usually are.  How can you go wrong with bacon wrapped scallops or spicy chicken?  My next post will be a review of the two new sauces that Buffalo Wild Wings has which are Thai Curry and Jammin' Jalapeño.

Now I love to cook, but when it comes to steak I just have not mastered that yet.  So I always accept when someone offers to cook me a steak.  My favorite grocery store is The Fresh Market.  They have such an amazing meat counter.  First of all anywhere that displays there sausage like this is awesome:

See what I mean?  It's sausage pig! Who knew raw meat could be so adorable?  So Will had recently acquired a cast iron pan and offered to cook me a steak in it.  Obviously my answer was yes.  We went to The Fresh Market to buy the steaks and returned home with these two beautiful rib-eye steaks.

They were delicious.  I can never eat a lot in one sitting so I shared mine with Will's son Bray.  It was definitely an amazing steak.  I am so glad I opened up to eating more meat and eating it medium instead of well-done.

Although I had many good meals while I was in VA by far the best was brunch at Lunasea.  I feel this also deserves it's own entry so look for that later this week.

The trip was to get the rest of my things, not to eat or anything else but I decided to turn it into a vacation.  I stayed for a week.  I was most excited about the time I got to spend with Will's son Bray.  He's 4 years old and I love him like he's my own son.  The hardest part of that break-up was losing Bray and the hardest part of moving away from VA has been not being able to see him every week.  Bray likes to give falling down hugs, which is basically a tackle filled with love.  I made sure to get as many of those in before I left.  I almost cried when I was packing my clothes and he came in to ask if I was leaving.  I said yes and he told me I couldn't leave and that he wanted me to stay forever.  The hardest part of leaving VA will always be saying goodbye to the Bray monster.  This is my favorite photo of us from the visit:

But this is the one that makes me miss Bray the most because of his goofiness.  Although sometimes the goofiness is paired up with grossness, as seen below.

Sometimes I think about going back to Virginia, because I miss it oh so very much.  I have to see where this new life in Bloomington takes me though.

Anyways to close this, since it started with food I think it should end the same way so here is my dinner from last night:

It's potato gnocchi with butternut squash sauce.  I made it for myself and a friend.  It was simple and quick but the richness of butternut squash made it seem amazingly decadent despite each serving only having 290 calories and 4 grams of fat.

Until next time (which will probably be tomorrow with the Buffalo Wild Wings post!) remember to Live Life Decadently!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Body is My Journal

It’s only his outside; a man can be honest in any sort of skin. ----- Herman Melville -- Moby-Dick

If a man can be honest in any sort of skin, then I choose to be honest in decorated skin that tells the story of my life.  I love the experience of getting a tattoo or a piercing.  I spend a lot of my time dreaming up new ideas for my skin. Every tattoo I have means something to me.

Let's start with my ankle and work our way up.

Tattoo 1: An anchor on my left ankle

Photo Credit: Nick Duncan
Tattoo: Frank @ Atattooed

This was a tattoo I got with my friend Laura following a secret spontaneous road trip to Texas. It represents our friendship and our typical Friday nights that usually centered around hotel parties with Sailors, because what else is there to do in Gurnee?

Tattoo 2: My Brother's jolly roger on my right calf

Photo Credit: Nick Duncan
Tattoo: Jim Mohaupt

This was the tattoo my brother David, our friend and "brother" Adam, and myself got for David's 18th birthday.  The saying means Fated Children and the tattoo was designed by my brother.  We're a family of pirate's and we all belong to my brother's crew. 

Tattoo 3: Lotus on my lower back

Photo Credit: Nick Duncan
Tattoo: Jake Carstens

This tattoo was dreamed up to symbolize me making it through my struggles.  A Lotus fights through the mud and murky water to reach the surface and bloom on top of the water.  Jake designed this for me and it was perfect.  

Tattoo 4: Tails on my left side

Photo Credit: Nick Duncan
Tattoo: Jake Carstens

This is a tattoo I have with my friend Shaina.  It symbolizes two of our inside jokes, and I just love Tails.  I plan on adding Sonic and Knuckles and several other cartoon characters to this.  We wanted a fox because of one night that we had been sitting in bed joking around and making animals out of our feet and hands.  Then out of nowhere I put my hands on top of my head like fox ears and said "You guys! I've always wanted a pet fox!" However, it was just Shaina and I.  After that, whenever we said something ridiculous we would put our hands up and say "You Guys!" The S and M in the tails are for our names. We had a joke about how we should start a taxi service called S & M transportation because we would make more money than the creepy Jam Van guys.

Tattoo 5: Zodiac Symbol in the middle of my back

Photo Credit: Nick Duncan
Tattoo: Jake Carstens

This ones pretty self explanatory. I'm a Sagittarius, this is my zodiac symbol and it's pretty.  I don't really believe this whole "the Zodiac changed!" thing so I'm sticking with what I've always been.

Tattoo 6 & 7: La Vie Boheme on left wrist and Doku the Kanji for Poison on my right forearm

Photo Credit: Nick Duncan
Tattoos: Frank @ Atattooed

I have always been a musical geek and choir kid.  RENT is my favorite musical by far and "La Vie Boheme" is my favorite song in the musical.  It means The Bohemian Life and the lyrics of the song pretty much explain the way I live my life. And it's amazingly fun to sing.  It also reminds me of my Senior prom where our table of mostly GLBT folks sang it rather loudly and shouted "mucho masturbation" for all to hear.  As for Doku, which is the Kanji for Poison (and yes I thoroughly researched this before getting the tattoo), this is for me to remember not to be Poison anymore.  I earned that nickname around the time I turned 18 and I loved living life as Poison for awhile.  I realize that I hurt people and decided to change.  So every time I look down and see this tattoo I am reminded not to be that girl again.  The story of Poison is the basis for my novel that should be completed and available on Amazon in July.

Tattoo 8: Black rose on my left shoulder blade

Photo Credit: Nick Duncan
Tattoo: Jake Carstens

This was my first tattoo.  I went with Laura for her 18th birthday, 4 months after mine.  I am going to add purple to the petals the next time I go to see Jake, I've planned on doing this since the start.  I've never been much of a rose person, but every Halloween I buy one of the black fabric roses tipped with purple.  They're one of my favorite traditions and I find black roses and dried roses that are so red they look black to be one of the most beautiful things. So that is why I picked this for my first tattoo.

Tattoo 9: Butterfly and Heart on the left side of my chest

Photo Credit: Nick Duncan
Tattoo: Jake Carstens

This was based of a drawing my brother had done. I asked him to change it to a blue butterfly from the original purple one.  Jake reworked the waves in the wings a bit and changed the thorn coming off the heart.  I had wanted a blue butterfly tattoo in memory of my Nana Marge.  She was the family member I was closest to as a child and her passing away really hit me hard.  At her funeral a blue butterfly landed on my shoulder and then on my dad's and we always thought that it was her saying goodbye to us.  Now every time I see a blue butterfly I think of her.

Tattoo 10: Yellow rose on my right shoulder

Photo Credit: Nick Duncan
Tattoo: Augie Mohaupt

This tattoo is in memory of my Nana Vicki.  She was my grandmother on my father's side.  She was from Texas and that is why I chose a yellow rose.

Tattoo 11:  Cactus in cowboy boot on my left arm

Photo Credit: Will Powers
Tattoo: Amy Zager

This was a tattoo that I conceptualized and the lovely Amy Zager brought to life for me.  My Papa Burt passed away just after I moved to New Orleans and it devastated me.  He grew cacti for as long as I can remember so I knew the tattoo was going to involve a cactus.  I decided to have it planted in a cowboy boot because he had run the stables at the Playboy Club in Lake Geneva.  There was always western themed decorations around and I remember him wearing his boots.  My brother David has a pair of his cowboy boots now.  This tattoo was quite the process.  The color didn't take well the first time so I had to get the entire thing re-done when I was in town for the Dedication of his headstone. It turned out great though!

Tattoo 12: Camouflage spider on the right side of my chest

Photo credit: PoisonMegz
Tattoo: Jake Carstens

January 15, 2004 my dear friend Luke Eckebrecht passed away. A year and a week later on January 23, 2005 one of his best friends Rob Meirthew passed away.  This tattoo is in memory of the two of them.  Jake was kind enough to bring my vision to life.  The spider itself is for Rob. I called him my Spiderman because he looked out for me when I had a stalker freshman year and he climbed all over the mall entrance when he lost a hackey sack.  It's camo because Luke wore camo all the time and the spider's eyes are bright icey blue just like Luke's were.

Tattoo 13: Button being sewn into my skin on my left arm

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz
Tattoo: Micah @ Immortal Ink

This past weekend my friend's Kelly and Ashley were in town for a girl's weekend with myself and Julia.  Originally Kelly and Julia were supposed to get a tattoo, but Julia could not.  Kelly had been joking about how she would just get a button randomly and I said "Hey, I'm down, I'll get one too"  So we went on a search for a tattoo shop and landed at Immortal Ink in downtown Bloomington, IL.  Kelly has her own reasoning that I am asking her to share in a comment on this post, but it also means something to me.  My life has been all over the place lately, and I've been bouncing back and forth between several courses.  I've finally decided to get everything back together, find all my missing buttons and sew them back on.  I'm back in IL, back in Bloomington because I am determined to finish my degree and start my adult life. 13 is my lucky number so to me it is perfect that my lucky number 13 tattoo is the one that is representative of me pulling myself back together and getting on the path I've been avoiding for the last few years. It's time to sew my buttons back on and live my life.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LoveSac, baby, LoveSac

Ah, LoveSac.  I have such fond memories of you from High School.  It's hard to believe that a life existed without you.  If I had not dated the lovely Amanda my junior year I would have never discovered your glorious fluffiness.  I spent most of that year sleeping on her LoveSac.  I had more pain-free mornings that year than the rest of my life.  So when it was time for me to acquire a new bed I said nay to normal mattress and boxspring sets and found the LoveSac of my dreams!  It's a SuperSac that was a limited edition package.  My Sac has a beautiful houndstooth cover and a matching Squattoman, SodaSac, and TubeSac.  I set my sights on this particular Sac and knew I would find a way to make it mine. Of course, with no job and no source of income this was going to be a struggle.  I kept the link to my beloved Sac bookmarked and watched the number of packages left slowly dwindle.  I was biting my nails, nervous there would not be any left.  If I was going to "Live Life Decadently" then I needed the divine fluffiness of this Sac so I could sleep through the night and awaken free of back pain!  Also, because houndstooth is awesome and I needed my room to be totally rad.

Now, some of you may be wondering why I'm going on about LoveSacs and wondering what in the world they are.  Well let me start by saying this-- It is NOT a bean bag.  No siree bob! It may appear to be similar to an over-sized beanbag to the untrained eye, but I assure you it is much more than that.  It is filled with mythical fluffiness that you get to watch grow before your very own eyes, and help grow while sculpting your arms.  The LoveSac gives you a free workout that I like to call "fluffing".  Also, LoveSac is not dirty..despite all the innuendos.  They say LoveSacs are filled with DuraFoam, but I think they may actually be filled with clouds and happiness.

So, I went on trying to acquire my heart's true desire and through embracing my life's philosophy to "Live Life Decadently" and not give up on the things I want (and thanks to someone I hold dear to my heart) I am writing this while sitting on my new LoveSac with my feet resting on the Squattoman and my head propped up by the TubeSac.

So remember if you do not give up on your heart's desire..whatever it may be at this moment, then you will get it.  And then you will find something else to go after.  You just have to focus and Live Life Decadently.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gypsy Blood: An Introduction

Oh, hello there! I'm new here, how about you?  I suppose I should introduce myself, eh?

I'm Megz, or Poison.  It really just depends on the mood and who you happen to be to me.  I'm 23 and have just moved to Bloomington, IL.  Now, I lived in this area briefly once before back in 2006 so I am not entirely new.  I'm actually from IL, just further north.  I spent most of my life in Lake County.  I tell people I grew up at Six Flags Great America due to the fact that no one knows what you're talking about if you say Gurnee.

The gypsy thing started in July 2009 when I packed up my car a few weeks early and headed down to New Orleans, Louisiana to move in with my then boyfriend.  I had visited several times before and already fallen in love with the city.  It was the perfect mix of culture, art, crazy characters, good food, and magic for me.  I'm pretty sure I was meant to live there.  I'll go back some day.

The break-up happened in November 2009 and I packed my car up again, leaving almost everything I owned behind and drove back to good ol' Lake County to begin couch hopping.  I wanted out of IL again.  I found my way out, started dating someone else in January and moved out to Chesapeake, VA with only what fit in my Saturn.  Virginia was lovely, and I became a part of the family quickly.  The relationship also ended quickly.  I spent a few more months living with my ex's family, and I started to date again.

Then I thought I had fallen in love.  Things started a bit rocky, but seemed to be going well and in June of 2010 I moved in with the guy against my rules.  You see I have a few rules when it comes to dating:

1. My brother has final approval on whom I date.
2. I will not move in until I am engaged or married EVER again.
3. I will follow my heart and soul and trust my gut.
4. I will not stay with a cheater.
5. I trust in Serendipity and Fate.

Well, with this one I broke most of my rules.  My brother never really gave me his approval.  I had told him I would not move in if I was not engaged to someone, but he was persistent and wore me down.  I left my happy home with my Virginia family, and moved my things to Virginia Beach, VA.  

After that I broke rules 3 and 5 fairly quickly... ignoring all signs that I was likely shacking up with the wrong person, and I tried to force something into existence.  Things were good for know, until they weren't anymore.

In September 2010 I found out that he cheated while he was out of town.  He got back and wooed me all over again, begging me not to leave him.  All of that, just so he could break up with me a week later, as if he deserved the right to dump me after what had happened.  I stayed living with him until November 2010.

November 2010 brought me to the infamous Muff House. I lived on the couch and I had 3.5 roommates: Marcus, Jeremie, Jeff, and J.C.  I met them through a close friend from IL, Scott who had come out to see me after I found out I'd been cheated on.  I enjoyed my time at The Muff House and was getting along well with the guys.  We drank beer all day and had good food and smoked hookah and I watched a lot of Zombie killin'.  Life was good.  I'm so thankful that they took me in.

On the last day of my visit back to IL for Thanksgiving my BFF Julia suggested I move to Bloomington and live with her.  I asked my mother if she would help until I was settled, and then on a whim I decided to move back to Blo-No.  I dropped what was in my car at my new home and went back to VA to get the rest.  

I stayed in VA a couple more weeks, said my goodbyes, loaded my car and drove back to IL in time for Christmas.  Now that pretty much covers the whole gypsy blood and how I wound up in Bloomington, IL bit.

Now for the origins of this blog:

I decided to live life by a new philosophy.  "Live Life Decadently"  This means not skipping the creme brulee or passing up the big, juicy cheeseburger for a garden salad.  This means visiting museums and art galleries.  This means drinking craft beers and local wines.  This means indulging in every moment of my life and not passing anything by because of what someone else might think.

So here's a list of what these posts may include in the future:
-Photos and reviews of food, wine, beer, coffee, or tea.
-Tales of concerts and local shows
-Tattoos and piercings
-Random acts of spontaneity
-Random rantings
-Ramblings about editing my novel
-Photos of my S&P shaker collection
-Some of my crazy stories
- Etc. 
-Amazingly decadent moments

So until next time, please remember to Live Life Decadently.