We Could All Use a Little Chaos

Well hello there world! And by world I mean the 4 people following this and whoever else may happen upon it.  I realize I have taken a bit of a break from this so forgive me.  We all have times in our life where things get a little hectic though, right?

So first let me start with that brunch I mentioned from my trip to Virginia.

Benedict at Lunasea in Virginia Beach
Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

My friend Michael had mentioned this brunch to me before, he is a regular attendee. I joined him on my last visit and chose to order this Benedict.  It had a sweet maple ham instead of the typical Canadian bacon. It was topped with a creamy crab sauce and had a perfectly cooked egg.  It was possibly the best brunch I have ever had in my life and was definitely decadent.  After the Benedict itself was gone I was left with the thick cut hashbrowns and some of that sublime crab sauce.  So of course the hashbrowns got dunked into that sauce before landing in my mouth. So very good.  I have every intention of making brunch at Lunasea a regular activity on my future trips to VA Beach.

And it made the trip worth the 15 hour drive.

So there is the snippet on brunch that I promised.  The next post will be all about a spontaneous road trip to New Orleans!

Remember, always Live Life Decadently!



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