Gypsy Blood: An Introduction

Oh, hello there! I'm new here, how about you?  I suppose I should introduce myself, eh?

I'm Megz, or Poison.  It really just depends on the mood and who you happen to be to me.  I'm 23 and have just moved to Bloomington, IL.  Now, I lived in this area briefly once before back in 2006 so I am not entirely new.  I'm actually from IL, just further north.  I spent most of my life in Lake County.  I tell people I grew up at Six Flags Great America due to the fact that no one knows what you're talking about if you say Gurnee.

The gypsy thing started in July 2009 when I packed up my car a few weeks early and headed down to New Orleans, Louisiana to move in with my then boyfriend.  I had visited several times before and already fallen in love with the city.  It was the perfect mix of culture, art, crazy characters, good food, and magic for me.  I'm pretty sure I was meant to live there.  I'll go back some day.

The break-up happened in November 2009 and I packed my car up again, leaving almost everything I owned behind and drove back to good ol' Lake County to begin couch hopping.  I wanted out of IL again.  I found my way out, started dating someone else in January and moved out to Chesapeake, VA with only what fit in my Saturn.  Virginia was lovely, and I became a part of the family quickly.  The relationship also ended quickly.  I spent a few more months living with my ex's family, and I started to date again.

Then I thought I had fallen in love.  Things started a bit rocky, but seemed to be going well and in June of 2010 I moved in with the guy against my rules.  You see I have a few rules when it comes to dating:

1. My brother has final approval on whom I date.
2. I will not move in until I am engaged or married EVER again.
3. I will follow my heart and soul and trust my gut.
4. I will not stay with a cheater.
5. I trust in Serendipity and Fate.

Well, with this one I broke most of my rules.  My brother never really gave me his approval.  I had told him I would not move in if I was not engaged to someone, but he was persistent and wore me down.  I left my happy home with my Virginia family, and moved my things to Virginia Beach, VA.  

After that I broke rules 3 and 5 fairly quickly... ignoring all signs that I was likely shacking up with the wrong person, and I tried to force something into existence.  Things were good for know, until they weren't anymore.

In September 2010 I found out that he cheated while he was out of town.  He got back and wooed me all over again, begging me not to leave him.  All of that, just so he could break up with me a week later, as if he deserved the right to dump me after what had happened.  I stayed living with him until November 2010.

November 2010 brought me to the infamous Muff House. I lived on the couch and I had 3.5 roommates: Marcus, Jeremie, Jeff, and J.C.  I met them through a close friend from IL, Scott who had come out to see me after I found out I'd been cheated on.  I enjoyed my time at The Muff House and was getting along well with the guys.  We drank beer all day and had good food and smoked hookah and I watched a lot of Zombie killin'.  Life was good.  I'm so thankful that they took me in.

On the last day of my visit back to IL for Thanksgiving my BFF Julia suggested I move to Bloomington and live with her.  I asked my mother if she would help until I was settled, and then on a whim I decided to move back to Blo-No.  I dropped what was in my car at my new home and went back to VA to get the rest.  

I stayed in VA a couple more weeks, said my goodbyes, loaded my car and drove back to IL in time for Christmas.  Now that pretty much covers the whole gypsy blood and how I wound up in Bloomington, IL bit.

Now for the origins of this blog:

I decided to live life by a new philosophy.  "Live Life Decadently"  This means not skipping the creme brulee or passing up the big, juicy cheeseburger for a garden salad.  This means visiting museums and art galleries.  This means drinking craft beers and local wines.  This means indulging in every moment of my life and not passing anything by because of what someone else might think.

So here's a list of what these posts may include in the future:
-Photos and reviews of food, wine, beer, coffee, or tea.
-Tales of concerts and local shows
-Tattoos and piercings
-Random acts of spontaneity
-Random rantings
-Ramblings about editing my novel
-Photos of my S&P shaker collection
-Some of my crazy stories
- Etc. 
-Amazingly decadent moments

So until next time, please remember to Live Life Decadently.



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