For The Lovely Ladies of the BM Discussion Page....

I know I said this in a comment on the page, but I wanted to repost it so the ladies not following the thread would see it and know how thankful I am to be included in this group.  So please excuse the beginning not making tons of sense out of context (and slightly expanded from the original comment it was just easier to copy/paste and add):

 Having access to someone super experienced in working with spandex is a dangerous thing. And like I said, not trying to poach anyone from BM, since obviously they still get almost my money! Especially tomorrow. I just noticed some cool fabrics on there that BM doesn't have for sale that made me go "Get on my legs right MEOW!" and some of the limited stuff that I was so sad to have missed so I thought I would share the opportunity with JUST the people on this page because I love each and every one of you ladies. We're an amazing community, we help each other with more than just creating beautiful BM based outfits... but with recipes, advice, and just being there. I don't know a lot of people where I live and the short time I have been on this page I may not have talked much, but when I do I feel welcomed and accepted and I am so thankful that the amazing amazing company of Black Milk Clothing helped me to find all of you.  No one here judges or discriminates.  We all boost one another's confidence.  I've moved around a lot the last 3 years and as a result have lost many of my friends from my past, fell out of touch with the newer ones I moved away from, and fallen out of touch with my family.  I am also in a really rough place in my life right now, living on a couch that is too short for me in my brother's apartment, taking more than a full-time load at school to try and finish and be able to find a decent paying job before my mother throws us out of here/stops paying for the rent, and trying to find work (because promo modeling is FAR from reliable and I suck at selling copies of my novel)  .  So I am near a computer more than I am real people right now.  And how secluded I have become has led me to become overly anxious in larger social situations.  I had started a job serving at a small tea-room in town and in less than 2 hours I had 3 panic attacks and the owner told me to go home, and I was so embarrassed I never went back.  This may sound silly, but having all of you to talk to and being a part of this community has made me feel more connected to the world.  Like I said, I know I have not been super active, but somehow logging on and keeping up with everyone makes me feel better every single day.  You all make my struggle a little bit easier, so thank you so very, very much for that.

<3 Megz


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