LoveSac, baby, LoveSac

Ah, LoveSac.  I have such fond memories of you from High School.  It's hard to believe that a life existed without you.  If I had not dated the lovely Amanda my junior year I would have never discovered your glorious fluffiness.  I spent most of that year sleeping on her LoveSac.  I had more pain-free mornings that year than the rest of my life.  So when it was time for me to acquire a new bed I said nay to normal mattress and boxspring sets and found the LoveSac of my dreams!  It's a SuperSac that was a limited edition package.  My Sac has a beautiful houndstooth cover and a matching Squattoman, SodaSac, and TubeSac.  I set my sights on this particular Sac and knew I would find a way to make it mine. Of course, with no job and no source of income this was going to be a struggle.  I kept the link to my beloved Sac bookmarked and watched the number of packages left slowly dwindle.  I was biting my nails, nervous there would not be any left.  If I was going to "Live Life Decadently" then I needed the divine fluffiness of this Sac so I could sleep through the night and awaken free of back pain!  Also, because houndstooth is awesome and I needed my room to be totally rad.

Now, some of you may be wondering why I'm going on about LoveSacs and wondering what in the world they are.  Well let me start by saying this-- It is NOT a bean bag.  No siree bob! It may appear to be similar to an over-sized beanbag to the untrained eye, but I assure you it is much more than that.  It is filled with mythical fluffiness that you get to watch grow before your very own eyes, and help grow while sculpting your arms.  The LoveSac gives you a free workout that I like to call "fluffing".  Also, LoveSac is not dirty..despite all the innuendos.  They say LoveSacs are filled with DuraFoam, but I think they may actually be filled with clouds and happiness.

So, I went on trying to acquire my heart's true desire and through embracing my life's philosophy to "Live Life Decadently" and not give up on the things I want (and thanks to someone I hold dear to my heart) I am writing this while sitting on my new LoveSac with my feet resting on the Squattoman and my head propped up by the TubeSac.

So remember if you do not give up on your heart's desire..whatever it may be at this moment, then you will get it.  And then you will find something else to go after.  You just have to focus and Live Life Decadently.



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