Study Time Always On The Mind

All the kids may be on holiday break right now, but it is never too late nor too early to start thinking about the SAT's or ACT's for those in high school.  There is a growing number of seniors heading off to college every fall, so taking every necessary step to prepare yourself for these tests is more important than ever.  I did not take an ACT prep course and completed the test with an overall score of 28.  I always wished that I had found a tutoring service that was easy to access so that I could have been better prepared and maybe have even gotten that perfect score!  If only I had known about StudyPoint back when I was getting ready for the ACT.  Not only do they offer services to help prepare you or your student for the ACT or SAT tests, but they also offer math tutoring and any other subject you need help in.  Plus if you want to be a tutor and have the necessary experience you can aply right on the website and help make a difference in another child's life!


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