Buffalo Wild Wings Newest Sauces

My recent trip to Virginia found me going out to eat a lot.  On one of these occasions my friend Andrew picked me up and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch a hockey game and get him his last meal before he had to fast for a doctor's appointment.  Now, I've always referred to Buffalo Wild Wings as B-Dubs.  Apparently this is not a common thing because Andrew had no idea what I was talking about when I said that.  So now that it's been clarified I will say B-dubs from this point forward.

Now, I love spicy and I love chicken so B-Dubs is a place that I happen to have been numerous times.  I typically order the Mango Habanero sauce on boneless wings.  I've tried other sauces and just not found them spicy enough, or lacking in flavor.  On this visit I noticed that they had two new sauces Jammin' Jalapeño and Thai Curry. I am a huge fan of curry and jalapeños so I decided to try both.

I also ordered a top-shelf margarita, only to find that they were out of Patron.  It was still excellent to sip on while waiting for my wings though.

I decided to try the Jammin' Jalapeno ones first:

The sauce was a little light so the waitress brought me out a side of it which I immediately dumped over the wings.  I have a pretty high spice tolerance so to me they weren't terribly spicy, but spicy enough.  The flavor was a little sweet with the jalapeño kick.  I enjoyed them and will probably order the sauce again before it's gone.

Next was the Thai Curry wings:

I am a huge fan of both all things Thai and curry related when it comes to food so I was extremely hopeful of this sauce.  They came to the table and they smelled like curry which was a great sign.  The sauce was on the lower end of B-Dubs spice spectrum.  I like my curry a little spicier than this was but the curry flavor was definitely there.  Although I did let my ex and his son try the leftovers and they thought they were way too spicy.  So I suppose it just depends on how used to spicy foods you are.  This was nowhere as yummy as a curry sauce I would get in an actual Thai restaurant but it was a good and quick cheap alternative.



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