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March and April 2017 Bucket List

So since I am playing catch-up with these posts I thought I would combine the months with only a couple items. Let's start off with what I checked off in March.

I started out with another Jungle Jim's purchase and tried Salted Duck Eggs.
 Photos by Poison Megz
These were fantastic added to my ramen, but not something I would ever grab to eat on their own. The yolk is a bit grainy but it mixed in to the broth pretty well. 
I also got to have some bestie time in March and as usual we went out to eat. I had an over the top at Milwaukee Burger Co with a side of poutine. How I made it 29 years without eating poutine I will never know.  It is such a perfect food. I wish it was something I had access to far more often. Photo by Poison Megz
Gravy, cheese curds, and fries. How could anything be so perfect? And that burger.... it was called the Blueberry Hangover burger. The patty was marinated in blueberries and it was served on some type of blueberry bread. Toppings included a cheesy …

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