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Bucket List: November 2017

Ah, November. The birthday month. 2017 meant I was turning the big 3-0. It also meant I had 4 more foods to cook before the 24th of the month in addition to cooking Thanksgiving dinner. At the start of November my 30 Foods to Cook Before 30 list still had Tortillas, Challah, Ceviche, and Souffle.

I was determined to actually finish them all. First off the list was tortillas. I did not have a tortilla press so I used two sheets of parchment and cookie trays to press out my tortillas. The flavor of fresh corn tortillas far surpassed the store bought and I can safely say that I will invest in a tortilla press later in life.

They were absolutely a bit too thick, but they were so good. Little Lark liked them too.
Next up, I made Challah for my works Thanksgiving lunch. Now, I have made challah before, but it was in Hebrew pre-school so I am positive I had a lot of assistance. This one I did 100% on my own. 
Look at that pretty dough!

A 6-Strand braid may have been slightly too ambitious fo…

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