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Bucket List: May and June 2017

I'm going to start this off with another check-in of my wishes for 2017, since it's now officially fall and the end of the year is quickly approaching again.

1.Make more time for myself. 2.Read more 3. Help others.
4. Be healthier
5. Be more present.
6. Make real friends in the local area.
7. Help my Little Lark learn as much as possible.
8. See my family more.
9. See my bestie more.
10. Have more adventures.
Well let's just start by saying 8 and 9 have definitely been a wash. I have not seen my bestie or family in months. I saw my mom, dad, brother and Bestie very briefly in May and other than that every visit has had to be cancelled for one reason or another. I am doing sort of ok on 3, 4, 6, 7, and 10. I have a couple friends in the area and we have had some good adventures. Little Lark knows his ABC's, is counting more often, knows his colors, and loves books. He's also finally out of pull-ups and very proud of that fact. Through my job I do feel like I am helping othe…

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