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Bucket List: February 2018

Here I am playing catch-up again; are you tired of hearing me say that yet? Luckily the next few months were one-offs. I only crossed one thing off, which is the goal so that is perfectly fine. And February was a doozy. I will probably never come down from the feeling. I GOT TO HOLD A SLOTH. As part of my Valentine's Day experience my partner took me to Wildlife In Need, Inc. and I got to see quite a few animals. I knew they had a sloth and that is what I was hoping for. Our time was almost over and I was starting to lose hope that my dreams were going to come true. But then out came Elmer in all his majestic slothness. I think I stopped breathing. After the educational piece, you could pose for photos with animals for a donation. Please watch this Gif below for a very clear picture of my excitement. 

And a few stills from the experience that are my favorite. 

10/10 recommend snuggling a sloth if you ever get the opportunity to do so. It was magical. If you didn't know sloths …

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