Bucket List: July 2017

Alright, here I am 6 months after July and finally making the time to get this caught back up. First of all, I assure you that I have been checking things off of my bucket list every month-- I'm still going strong on that! I'll be honest, in my time off of work I mostly just zone in to my TV shows and try not to think about my cases. Binge anything good lately? Because my DVR actually dropped in to the single digits recently. Let's not get ahead of ourselves with my winter activities invading this summertime post though!

From my 30 Foods to Cook Before 30 list I made Chicken Pot Pie and Bolognese in July. The Chicken Pot Pie was simple, made with leftover chicken and the veggies that I had on hand but the kids ate it up. I also cheated a little bit and used crescent roll dough for the crust. I've made pastry crust already on this journey so I didn't feel like I was compromising anything by using this fantastic shortcut.

The Bolognese I made using a 2014 Dark Lord. I will cook with beer any chance I get and since I did not love how this one aged I decided I could use it to up the flavor profile of the sauce. Here are some in progress photos:


And of course the finished progress was delicious. It was so full of flavor and packed with that umami quality. I wish I could say I have not used jarred sauce since, but unfortunately we are still a primarily jarred sauce family. This will be saved for special occasions and weekends when I have more time.

I also taught myself how to shuck oysters in July. I got myself a very pretty shucking knife and borrowed some protective gloves from my partner and I escaped with zero injuries! My oysters turned out to be bad, but luckily the shop I got them from in Indianapolis, Goose the Market, was quick to send a gift card out to remedy that! Also if you are ever in Indy you should really check this place out. Go downstairs, have some oysters, cheese, and creative pickles and try a beer. One of my favorite spots in the city!

And that was it for July! Stay tuned to see what I checked off back in August 2017 next.

Poison Megz


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