Bucket List: August 2017

August was a lot of fun. I roped some friends in to joining a team for GISHWHES with me. For those of you who may not know what that is let me explain briefly. GISHWHES is the brainchild of Misha Collins who you may know as Castiel on Supernatural. It is part scavenger hunt, part charity organization, and part insanity.

There is a huge list of Items to complete that you can earn points for. Like dressing up as a bee, planting something that will attract bees, and pollinating it.

Or Nose art (skillfully done on my nose by my talented friend and team mate Amber):
Or recreating a Renaissance painting in pizza form:

There were also items like taking baked goods to a police station, playing video games with children in a hospital while dressed as a superhero, leaving change at a laundromat, making up care packages for women who are less fortunate, conducting an underwater board meeting in full business attire, creating a bikini out of banana peels, wearing a cocktail dress of orange peels in a bar, and biker gang in a bounce house among many others.

It was a BLAST. I will say, that whatever GISHWHES morphs in to for the coming year, since 2017 was the last year as we know it, I am officially a GISHWHES lifer. However, next time I want a team that is full of participating members that I actually know, hopefully from all parts of the world. This year everyone participating was able to raise enough money to save a dance school in Africa before it's proprietor passed away. As a whole, GISHWHES can do so much lasting good, even if we are the weird. 

That pizza up there also meant I scratched Tomato Sauce and Pizza off of my 30 Foods to Cook Before 30 list and here are some progress photos of that, including my Little Lark helping out!

I also went down to Louisville to view the Solar Eclipse from the rooftop at Copper & Kings Distillery. I wanted to go to the path of totality, but Louisville was damn close and much more budget friendly for a day trip. There were fun themed drinks and a playlist to match. And don't I just look so stylish in my eclipse glasses?

Hopefully for the next one I will be able to see it at totality, but this was still a really awesome experience and I am glad I used a vacation day to experience it.

Back in July, Amazon had Prime Day. I snagged a 23 and Me Ancestry+Health DNA testing kit for half off that day. My results came back at the end of August, and in case it wasn't obvious from the above eclipse photo, I am VERY European. 
That "unassigned" down there must be that pinky toe of Native American DNA I have grown up being told I have. I mean I do have my CDIB and Tribal Membership cards after all. I was surprised at just HOW Jewish I was though. I have already been trying to learn more about that part of my ancestry and this just spurred that along. I really wanted to do this because my mother was adopted and we did not know much about where she came from. I actually got my mom and dad Ancestry kits for the holidays this year so I could see what history comes from which parent. Those results aren't back yet!

August had a lot, but that's the final piece. I will keep the health info from that personal, but I will say that I found it to be a very interesting component. Especially with more websites coming out that you can upload your data to in order to learn more. 

September and October were slower months from me, so look out for the next post wrapping up both of those months!

Poison Megz


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