September Bucket List: Roller-coaster Day and Ferris Wheel Kisses

I have to say that September was a little bit of a "meh" month on the bucket list front.  It was one I was very excited for because for months I knew I was going to be getting a roller-coaster day! I have loved amusement parks since I was 17 and went on my very first roller-coaster at Six Flags Great America, The Raging Bull.  I fell in love with the adrenaline rush.  I had not been to an amusement park since before I was pregnant with my little lark so I was super psyched to get to spend the day at Kentucky Kingdom with my partner and the older kids.  I was going to ride everything, hopefully more than once.

The day came and it wound up being only myself, Chris, and the 15 year old going.  That's fine, my hopes were still high for a super fun day.  We got there and had to stand and wait for around an hour before we could go in.  The first thing we did was go on the giant Ferris wheel.  It wasn't exactly the romantic moment I imagined since we had the teenager riding with us, but we did have a quick peck at the top.  So, Ferris wheel kiss got checked off the list.  I love Ferris wheels, so I'm sure there will be many more of those Ferris wheel kiss opportunities in the future.

Next up was the first roller-coaster.  I was excited, Chris and I sat right up at the front. My stomach had other plans.  I have never gotten sick before on a ride in my life and seconds in to it I felt pretty much like death.  We got off and I thought I could walk it off, but the damn stomachache stuck with me the whole time we were there.  We left early without getting on any more rides.  Apparently one of those fun changes pregnancy caused in my body is a severe lack of tolerance for roller-coasters.  So I checked roller-coaster day off the list with only one coaster completed and feeling very defeated knowing that I couldn't enjoy something I very much had been looking forward to.

So that was my September for the bucket list.  Not everything can turn out perfectly, so something was bound to go wrong at some point.  October will be better!

Remember to Live Life Decadently every day!
Poison Megz


  1. Ugh, that stinks that you can't do roller coasters anymore! =( I used to go to amusement parks a lot when I was younger with my dad, who is STILL an adrenaline junkie. =) I still can tolerate them well, but my crowd anxiety is actually what gets the best of me anymore. And amusement parks are not a fun place to have an anxiety attack so I haven't been in years. At least you got the ferris wheel kiss and one roller coaster! =)


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