May Bucket List: Publish a Recipe (+List Update)

May was a bit of a hectic month for me with school, so I was unable to check multiple items off of my list.  I did however publish a recipe to this blog for the first time ever!  Check the post before this to see the recipe for Coffee and Pilpelchuma Pot Roast.  I hope to add more recipes in to the blog as I create some new noms.  I also hope to take a couple cooking classes when I get some spare time to hone my skills since culinary school is unrealistic at this time.

List update:

Last summer I also made a "Summer Bucket List" which I barely did anything off of.  I added completing this list to my regular bucket list.  This is the summer list:

  1. Beach picnic
  2. Banana Nutella s'mores
  3. Beer can grilled chicken
  4. Berry picking
  5. Boating
  6. Boozy fresh fruit salad
  7. Camping
  8. Cold soup on a hot day
  9. Collect seashells and sea glass
  10. Drink out of a coconut
  11. Drink out of a pineapple
  12. Drink whiskey around a fire
  13. Fall asleep in a hammock
  14. Ferris wheel
  15. Freeze fun things in ice cubes(berries, gummies, mint)
  16. Fresh blueberry pie
  17. Fresh cherries!
  18. Geocaching
  19. Grill all the fruit
  20. Grilled cocktail
  21. Host a party with DIY hot dog bar
  22. Learn to fish
  23. Learn to make a mint julep
  24. Learn to make a Pimm's cup
  25. Learn to properly grill a steak
  26. Learn to shoot
  27. Line a truck bed w/ pillows/blankets and stargaze
  28. Lobster roll
  29. Make cold brew coffee
  30. Make ice cream
  31. Margarita manicure
  32. Maryland blue crabs
  33. Melon + prosciutto
  34. Mexican street corn
  35. Picnics
  36. Popsicles + prosecco
  37. Put a pie in a cake
  38. Rollercoaster day
  39. Sip an umbrella drink by pool/lake
  40. Skinny dipping
  41. Start an herb garden
  42. Summer corn pesto
  43. Toes in the water
  44. Waffle ice cream sandwich
  45. Watermelon on a stick (grilled?)
Last summer I checked the following items of of the summer list:
-Step Up All In
-Fair Food
-Day Drink with Good Friends
-Tons of BBQ
-4th of July Pig Out
-Mini Roadtrip for Amazing Food
-Read more!

The summer list will probably stay on the regular list for a few summers so when I check something off I will also include that individual summer item in the blog.  Many summer items involve food and drink.  What are your must-try summer foods or activities? What do you do every summer?

The Bucket List

Thanks for following this journey!

Poison Megz


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