March Bucket List: Name a Star (And Star Giveaway!)

First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay in this update.  Midterms brought a little chaos to my life.  Neuroscience is not a course that is easy to get through.  I used to be the type of student that never had to study and would still get A's on everything.  Now I find myself struggling to pull off C's in my final 4 courses before my Bachelor Degree.

Onward to what I checked off of my bucket list for March.  I named a star.  I have always wanted to name a star, well more accurately I also hoped that I would have one named for me as some sort of grand romantic gesture.  Eventually I realized this was likely never going to happen because I am not Mandy Moore in A Walk To Remember.  So I put it on my list as something I would do myself before I kick the bucket.  

Groupon had a huge sale in mid March and one of the items on there was a star naming service.  I bought one and chose to name it LARK.  I chose a star easy to locate in the sky above our home.  I chose the name for my son.  I will give him the certificate when he is older.  LARK is a nickname given to my son by my best friend Bree.  It uses all of his initials,so it's a name that packs a lot of meaning.  It will always remind us of her and the people that he is named for.  I chose to name the star as a future gift to my son, because he is my star.  My life has changed so much since finding out I was pregnant, and in a way every thing is for him now.  I hope one day he will love Star Wars, Doctor Who, Firefly, and space in general as much as I do and will totally nerd out over the fact that he has his very own star, but if that never happens it will still be special.

Here is the certificate:

And here is the link to the awesome website Your Star Forever includes with your star.  You are able to share a story, a video, and an image on this website.  It also shows the location of the star.

And now, how about a giveaway? I have a second code available that will allow you to pick out and name your own star for free!You can earn multiple entries by doing the following:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone!
Poison Megz


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