Kombucha: Take Two

If you've been following my bucket list journey, you may remember my first attempt at tasting kombucha did not go so well. All I could taste was vinegar and my face looked like I was in pain. I asked for some suggestions from the kombucha lovers of the world. One of the suggestions was to try a ginger kombucha. Well, I found one! As promised:

The ginger flavor is great in this. I still get a hint of the vinegar flavor as it fades, but I don't mind it that much. I may even finish this bottle. In two takes, since it says it is two servings. Ginger is a favorite flavor of mine so I could see swapping this out for my regular ginger soda on occasion. I do have another drink on deck to try so I will report back after that one as well.

Just as a note: This particular brand is a raw kombucha.  Kombucha does not technically expire but in this form it will continue to ferment in the bottle and the trace alcohol content will increase.  This is the reason they were formerly pulled from shelves.  It seems they are now back but with earlier "Enjoy by" dates printed on the bottle tops.  So unless you want an accidental buzz at 2 P.M. I would try to drink these by that date.

Poison Megz


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