Bucket List: New Items

Hello everyone! This is just a quick post with a few items I have added to my bucket list.
-Visit cat cafe
-Join a gym
-Post a recipe I've written
I've recently read that a cat cafe (popular in Japan) will be opening in Chicago. The moment I read that I knew it had to be added to the list. What could be better than sipping on some tea with my dearest friend while we play with a bunch of kitties? The cafe will be part of the Tree House Humane Society in the Rogers Park Neighborhood. They will be breaking ground on an expanded facility next month. This is a no-kill shelter so it's for a good cause too! They are still seeking donations which can be made here to finish this project. Has anyone been to a cat cafe?
As far as the gym goes.... I have some baby weight to lose. And by baby weight I mean the 60 lbs I put on AFTER my pregnancy and have not been able get rid of for 2.5 years. I found a local gym with an awesome free Kindermusic program/childcare for members sp it's just a matter of finding the motiviation now. Fellow moms-how did you find the energy to shed that baby weight?
The recipe-- I love to cool. This blog was always supposed to involve food in some way. I want to iron out the wording of a recipe I made recently for a slow-cooked roast with an awesome and unique flavor profile. I just have to get the guts to share it here!
That's all for now! I can't wait to share what I checked off for March. It's a very special one to me.
Poison Megz


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