Oh, The Horror!

I used to be one of those girls that was afraid of just about everything, I scared far too easily.  As a result I tended to avoid all things horror related, particularly movies.  This was something that confused many people seeing as how Halloween and all things occult were a big part of my life and Halloween was always such a big production for me.  I had never understood why people liked to be scared.  When I took an Intro to Film course at my community college that all started to change for me.  It is in large part thanks to my professor, Dr. Patrick Gonder, that a new found love of film was awakened, and I opened my mind and heart to the horror genre.  I probably would have still been stuck in my little hole of "I scare too easily, I can't watch that." had I not taken his courses.  He also got me far more into comics than I ever had been, but that's another story entirely.

So now that we have the background... One of the things I had been dying to do on my self-proclaimed journey into decadence was to attend Days of the Dead Chicago as a VIP and to meet the Elm St girls, particularly Heather Langenkamp.  Everyone has their favorites when it comes to horror, and mine by far since delving into this fabulous land of blood and gore and things that go bump in the night would have to be the Nightmare on Elm St films.  Freddy Krueger is scary, funny, and full of back story.  Although looking back they may be a little cheesy, I think that's why they were so loved.

As fate would have it, my plans for attending fell through and I no longer had a sitter for my teacup human nor a place to stay.  So I exchanged my VIP pass for Indy in July.  I was able to make it up to Saturday on my Press Pass for the event, but was unable to make the other days or stay very long since the little one came with me. Now I know that kind of takes the whole decadence angle out of it all, but I feel like now I get to attend two conventions versus one.

I arrived at the convention around 1 PM and did a lap to see where things were.  It was great seeing all the memorabilia and items for sale and so many people gathered for the love of the same thing.  Once we were in the vendor room I was stopped by a girl behind one of the tables asking to take a photo with me.  She was wearing Black Milk as was I.  It was exciting to be stopped for a photo and meeting a new Sharkie there is always an instant connection.  Plus both our outfits were perfect of the event.

Photo credit: PoisonMegz

After getting the layout down I ventured over to the Evil Puppets exhibit.  I grew up obsessed with the Gremlins films so getting to see those up close was one of my favorite parts.  If you get the chance to check out this exhibit I definitely recommend it. How cute is this lil guy? When other little kids were asking for a Furby all I wanted was my own Gizmo.  I would like to point out that I am 25 and I would still like my own Gizmo.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

I can not even begin to describe how cool it was seeing these next two in person.  They look awesome on screen and in photos but up close and personal and being able to see the details is something else.  They just look so menacing!

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

Also included were some puppets from Critters and Troll.  Once again, you seriously need to see these in person.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

As much as I was excited to see the Gremlins, I think this lil Critter was my favorite.  They had him moving and that alone is worth checking out this exhibit.  A still photo can not capture the brilliant movement this puppet had going on.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

I'm going to be really embarrassingly honest here.  The Saw films creep me the F out.  I saw the first one willingly and was tricked into seeing the next two.  I stopped after that.  I don't know what it is but those flicks keep me up at night after I watched them.  I jumped a little when I saw this. *shiver* No, thank you. 

Photo Credit: Poison Megz

 Bottom line, this exhibit travels and it rocks. Go see it.  You can find them at their website Evil Puppets or their Evil Puppets Facebook Page.

While waiting in line to meet Heather Langenkamp I chatted with Ari Lehman a bit.  He banged a sharpie against a machete to demonstrate it was real to my Ex and it woke up the little guy.  He heard Lukas wake up and asked if it was him and apologized.  He did it again about 10 minutes later to show another person, repeat of the last time.  He felt bad and threw a signed photo in for me with the machete my Ex purchased.  He was a really down to earth guy.  Got the chance to hear him playing piano earlier in the day also.  I had to snap a photo of this.

Photo Credit: Poison Megz

And then the moment I was there for.  I met Heather Langenkamp.  She shared stories about her kids, and asked about Lukas.  He was only a month old at the time of the convention.  Amanda Wyss (Tina in first Elm St film) overhead and proceeded to shout over "Damn girl your body looks great for just having a baby!" and Heather chimed in with "And she's showing it off proud too."  Amanda came over and told me how cute Lukas was and it was just a really cool moment.  One of those times you wish you had a documentary crew following you around for.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

Even though I didn't spend much time there Days of the Dead is obviously a well put together and phenomenal convention.  I am absolutely looking forward to Indy this summer and can't wait to spend the entire weekend seeing what the convention and VIP experience has to offer.  For more information you can visit their website Days of the Dead.

Although this may not have been a truly decadent experience since I skipped VIP it was still something I normally would not have gotten to do.  Until next time, remember to add a little decadence to your life.



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