New Year, New Me, How About a New You? Try KLUTCHclub (Discount Code)!

Aright, it's time I admit I have a problem.  That problem my little fiends is subscription boxes.  I can't stop myself.  Anytime I see a good deal on one, a new one, or repeated reviews I get hooked.  This year as I am moving myself and my teacup human in to our own apartment my goal is to be healthier, lose my extra weight, and tone up.  I have looked at KLUTCHclub several times and lusted after their Best of Box just dying to try it.  They offer both  Men's and Women's boxes which made it more appealing to me than other similar Health and Fitness boxes.  When you order the Best of Box it is normally $17 + $8 for shipping.  For this cost you are guarenteed products valued at more than $100 retail! After this box you would continue with the normal monthly subscription at $10/month plus $8 shipping, totaling $18 a month and each box being worth at least $50.  Definitely a great value!  I am a sucker for themed boxes and now until January 30th the Best of Box is Valentine's Day themed! Huzzah!  I knew it was my time to try it.

Photo taken from the company's website

The above photo is the example on the Best of page.  Now for the best part if you go to: KLUTCHclub and order the Valentine's Day box by January 30th with the promotional code BGM provided just for my lovely readers, you will pay only the $8 shipping to get this box!!!  What a fantastic opportunity to try something new and jumpstart your way to fit and healthy! And possibly a little Valentine's Day spice too?  Try it out as a monthly subscription and as with all Subscription boxes you are able to cancel at anytime. 

The code brings the cost down from $25 to $15 currently, which is not what I was told it would be for.  I have an email in to the company to try to get this sorted!

The code is working properly again and will bring the total cost to $8!!!! Follow the link above and enjoy over $100 worth of products for only $8. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for reviews also!



  1. You love the box. Klutchclub is one of my fave subscriptions. :-)


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