February 2017: Adulting and Other Adventures

So, I have clearly been slacking. I have not mastered the whole work-life balance thing. I am still checking things off every month, but lately it's been in more of a panic on the last day than as a planned fun event. That needs to change. I am mentally exhausted after work. When I get home, all I want to do is crawl in bed. There's a lot of things I just do no have the energy for anymore. Let's add that to the list of things I need to work on.

So back in February, I checked a couple "Adulting" items off of my bucket list. I paid off two debts in their entirety. I had run up a lot of debt during my pregnancy and the first year of my Little Lark's life. I was on my own and trying to finish college. I survived the best that I could. The first thing I paid off with my tax refund was my Paypal Credit, my largest debt. It felt amazing to be rid of that. I also paid off my Toys R Us card, which was another large one due to all the baby items I had to use it for. I will admit I have had to use Paypal again since then--but it is nowhere near what it was. It is manageable. That Toys R us card is sitting at a zero dollar balance still and I am proud of that.

Chris and I also had a bucket list adventure for Valentine's Day. We went to a Murder Mystery Variety Show and an authentic Chinese Restaurant. The variety show was a lot of hula hooping.... so I would still like to go to another murder mystery that is more dinner and less variety show. We had a good time making fun of it though. At dinner I tried a Century Egg congee and was honestly disappointed at how bland the egg tasted. I was expecting a lot more funk. I would give them another shot in the future.
 Photo by Poison Megz

I also had the chance to visit Jungle Jim's in Ohio. Talk about heaven on earth. I could probably have spent a whole week in there looking at everything. I picked up a few things that will make appearances here over the next few posts. The first thing I tried was Salmiakki (Salty Licorice).
Photos by Poison Megz

I was not a huge fan of this but Little Lark loved it. He finished it off for me after the few bites I took. 

I also drank out of a pineapple this month. Yeah, okay, that's a summer item but who doesn't need a little bit of summer in a Midwestern winter? I made a Beer-mosa type drink with a Westbrook White Thai and Pineapple Orange Juice.

Photo by Poison Megz

Also, pineapple corers are my new favorite thing. That was the easiest pineapple slicing of my life. This beer was one of my Jungle Jim's scores also. This was obviously super tasty. I fully recommend drinking out of a pineapple on a cold day.

And that's it for February. 

Until next time,
Poison Megz


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