December 2016 & January 2017 Bucket List Adventures

'ello! I have to start this post with an apology again... I have not been working towards my 2017 wishes at all. I have been wrapped up in work and honestly have not allowed myself any room to breathe. It's not about to get better either, as I have an entire weekend of On-Call coming up. I desperately need a break from everything, but unfortunately it is just not possible right now. At least I can see my bestie and my family in a couple weeks, even if it is only briefly. A reminder of my 2017 wishes: 

1. Make more time for myself.
2. Read more.
3. Help others.
4. Be healthier.
5. Be more present.
6. Make real friends in the local area.
7. Help my Little Lark learn as much as possible.
8. See my family more.
9. See my bestie more.
10. Have more adventures.

I will say I am definitely helping others, that's sort of my job. I also have at least made one real friend in the area. I need to refocus and find a way to hone in on the rest of these.

So let's get on to the bucket list stuff eh? Starting with December!

 Amazon is a lifesaver in this town where we have nothing of much excitement or variety. I ordered some squid ink sachets. I had this item on my list as "Squid Ink Pasta" however I found a recipe for Squid Ink Risotto and Scallops. I had never made scallops before and was bitter over my last failed risotto so figured this was the way to go. I hate to be cocky, but I nailed it. 
Photo by Poison Megz

I loved the squid ink in this too. It paired so well with the seared scallops. It was oceanesque which I am sure is a word I am making up, but also so descriptive of the flavor. It was a mix of a seafood flavor and a salt water flavor. 

I also made a Baked Camembert in December, with rosemary and a little cranberry nut mix on the side. This was off of my 44 French Meals list. 
Photo by Poison Megz

And yes, I ate the whole damn thing. So much for that "Be healthier" wish, eh? There's not much else to say. Obviously this was delicious. It's melted cheese and toasty bread. 

And finally in December, to finish the year and mark the end of any tobacco usage so I could get a health insurance discount, I smoked an expensive cigar. The PadrĂ³n 1926 Serie 80th Anniversary Natural Torpedo. Limited and serial numbered. Mine was No. 591047. 

Photos by Poison Megz

It was pretty amazing, but I also had not had a cigar in years and am not a regular smoker so it knocked me on my ass without even finishing half of it. I honestly got super sick. I couldn't even finish my bourbon because I wound up in the bathroom before midnight after having only several sips of my NYE Champagne. Maybe don't smoke a giant expensive cigar if you aren't used to it. It was amazing until I got sick though. I just wish I had been able to enjoy it more!

This next item is sort of December and January. Birthday Cake. I made the layers of cake in December, but made the frosting and assembled the cake in January. I counted it as January officially since that is when it was finished. I made a yellow cake with chocolate peanut butter butter cream from scratch for my step-son's 17th birthday. It was awesome, it was also giant. 

Photos by Poison Megz

The last item I checked off in January was making Pimento Cheese. Now, I have the Queen of Pimento Cheese on my Facebook-- Ms. Kardea Brown and I am positive mine could not touch hers but it was still damn good. I used an Apple Smoked Gruyere and a Ghost Pepper Jack cheese.
Photo by Poison Megz

It was actually my first taste of Pimento Cheese too. And shocker, it was super tasty. Making it super spicy for my first go was definitely a good call. It was a tasty work snack for the next few days. 

And that's a wrap for December and January! How is everyone else doing on their resolutions or hopes for the year? Remember to take some time for yourself and just breathe. What do you do to relax?

Poison Megz


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