October/November 2016 Bucket List and 2017 Wishes

Hello all! First off let me apologize for the delay in making the last couple of posts. I am just going to roll them in to one. Work has kept me quite me quite busy and I am still figuring out how to fit the rest of my life in around my work schedule. There are nights when I get home and only have time to eat and go to bed so I can get up the next morning and the rest of the days usually end with mental exhaustion. I've let a lot of things fall on the back burner, not just this blog. Which leads me to my first 2017 Wish: Make more time for me. I don't want to make resolutions this year because resolutions are destined for failure in most circumstances. Instead, I am going to make wishes for 2017; things I am hoping for. Make more time for me is pretty much number one on that list. So here are my 2017 Wishes:

1. Make more time for myself.
2. Read more.
3. Help others.
4. Be healthier.
5. Be more present.
6. Make real friends in the local area.
7. Help my Little Lark learn as much as possible.
8. See my family more.
9. See my bestie more.
10. Have more adventures.

I think 10 is a good number. I am hoping to work on all of these things in the coming year. These are all things intended to enrich my life.

And on to the bucket list! In October I only checked off one item and that was off of my Summer Bucket List; Summer Corn Pesto.  I made this for a Taco Monday Pitch-In at my office so I put a sort of Elote spin on it. It was a hit and it got devoured. The best part? It was super easy. I used thawed out frozen sweet corn! I made the dressing in my food processor, and then tossed it all together with red onion and cotija cheese. It's sneaky healthy too; the dressing was packed with spinach!

Photo by Poison Megz

In November I was able to check two things off of my list. Pie Crust from my 30 before 30 food list and Overcome a Great Fear off of my regular list. My partner's mother had a birthday in November and said she would rather have a pie than a cake. I made her a lemon meringue pie since that is her favorite. My crust wasn't pretty, but it was delicious! I used lard because I figured that was the best choice. 
Photos by Poison Megz

It worked out to not really be enough dough for the pie plate that I had, but I made it work as best as I could. It's just a little rustic and that's how you can tell it was homemade with love. This was also my first time making lemon curd and meringue.  I was worried it was going to be a giant disaster but she loved it so it all worked out. 
Photo by Poison Megz

My job is the reason I was able to cross Overcome a Great Fear off of my list. I have always been terrified of public speaking. It's held me back from quite a few things. And no matter what my Communications Professor says; I was never comfortable or good at delivering speeches. As part of my job, I am occasionally required to testify in court. This was what scared me the most about accepting this position. I have had the chance to testify several times now and I am still nervous, but nothing like that first time. The first time I was so sure I was going to forget something or say a date wrong. I couldn't sleep the night before and I was shaking and felt sick all the way up until the words came out of my mouth. Turns out I did rather well and now each time I get a little less nervous. 

On a final note, I noticed there was a glaring oversight on my bucket list. CUDDLE A SLOTH was not on my list. It is now. Hopefully I get to check this one off ASAP.

What are your wishes for 2017? What should I add to my bucket list for the new year?

Until next time,
Poison Megz


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