September 2016 Bucket List: Branston Pickle

Well folks, September has come and gone so here is what I checked off last month.  I tried Branston Pickle. That's it. I did warn you that things were going to calm down a bit with the new job...well it calmed down a lot. I have definitely become a working mombie. Luckily the driving back and forth to Indianapolis is nearly over and then *maybe* I will come back to life.

So as you may have noticed I love trying new foods. I also love pickles and all things British. Enter Branston Pickle. I asked around and was told that a cheese sandwich was the way to try this. I love cheese so this sounded like a plan to me. I used white cheddar and sharp cheddar.

Photo by Poison Megz

No shock, but I enjoyed it. I like peanut butter, pickle, and cheese sammies too so this is by far the strangest sandwich. I wish I had been able to try this on better bread for the first time, but I was convinced "diet" bread was a great idea. Spoiler: It's not. Diet bread is an abomination.  I love carbs too much too skimp on my bread. I claim temporary insanity. I plan to try this on a grilled cheese next.

Bonus: Look at this amazing salad I had during my training in Indianapolis.

Photo by Poison Megz

IT HAS SCOTCH EGGS IN IT. The only was it could have been better would have been if the yolks were runny.  This is on the menu at MacNiven's Restaurant & Bar (339 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204). We found this Scottish Pub in our first week at our main training location and it was worth it. I hope to go back to try the haggis, fish & chips, and some of drinks. 

And that was pretty much my September. I hoped I would check off more than one, but at least I'm holding strong to checking at least one item off per month.

What do you have on your bucket list? I'm always looking to add more experiences!

Poison Megz


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