July 2016 Bucket List: Summer Food!

In case it wasn't abundantly obvious, I love food. Most of what I wind up adding to my bucket list winds up being at the very least food adjacent. Summer is such a great time for food.  There is so much fresh produce available that the options are endless for what you can enjoy. As such, when it comes to summer related items there are many that involve food. Now the town I live in is not a foodie hot spot, so I often find myself having to venture to another city. Imagine my surprise when I took my little Stormageddon to the local ice cream truck and discovered they also sold elote! If you don't know about Elote, pay attention. Elote is Mexican street corn and it is absolutely delightful. The corn is stuck on a stick or the husks twisted back in to a handle and it is slathered in mayonnaise before being topped with lime juice, chile powder, and cotija chese.  There are other condiment options based on where you find it, but this is the version I tried.

Photo by Poison Megz

I tried to tell Chris how delicious it was but he is adamantly anti-mayonnaise, which is ridiculous because mayonnaise is amazing. Oh well, more for me of all mayo related delights. Which is everything because mayo makes everything better. Seriously. I'm even a fan of the strange delicacy that is a PB&Mayo sandwich. Needless to say, the elote was delicious and I plan to enjoy it several more times before summer is over.
Photo by Poison Megz

Next up on the summer food list: Popsicles + Prosecco. I saw this on the internet somewhere and it sounded right up my alley. I'm not going to lie... I purchased both the popsicles and the prosecco at Aldi. I love Aldi and have zero shame about this. Cheap healthy food and cheap tasty booze? No shame in my Aldi game.

Photo by Poison Megz

The strawberry popsicle was the perfect compliment to the prosecco. It keeps the drink cool in the summer heat and as it melts you get an entirely new drink. 10/10 would recommend sticking a popsicle in your prosecco or other bubbly beverage.

Photo by Poison Megz

Last but not least, fresh cherries! I am not a *huge* cherry fan. This mostly applies to cherry flavor. It reminds me as medicine. Fresh cherries are another story. I am also a fan of this cherry juice my parents used to get at a tiny stand that I *think* was in Wisconsin.  I have learned that without a cherry pitter a giant bag of fresh cherries is not a load of fun for me. I did however very much enjoy the few that I pitted by hand with yogurt and chia seeds for breakfast. I also now plan to purchase  a cherry pitter so that in the future I can avoid stained hands.

I also added a few items to the bucket list:
-See "Corpse Flower in Bloom"
-Ancestry DNA test
-Visit each of these 12 Oldest Restaurants

And that is it for July! 

What are your essential summer activities and foods?

Poison Megz


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