December Bucket List & Resolutions

December has come and gone and I am happy to say that means I successfully completed my 2015 New Year's Resolution to check something off of my bucket lists every single month. I also added a ton more items throughout the year, but why would I want to put a limit on my dreams?  January has been very busy so far with my capstone course for my Psychology degree, but I am very happy to say that I will have my Bachelor's in March which is totally a bucket list item!

Now as for December, I crossed two things off of my list.  One of those is the first item off of my 44 French Meals list, Quiche Lorraine and man oh man was it good!  I have had quiche lorraine before, but there is something special about making it yourself.  I will be honest, in that it wasn't super traditional because I am cheese obsessed and had to add in this amazing Morel & Leek Jack that my bestie recommended.  She used hers in a quiche as well, and she was definitely correct about it being perfect.
Photo by Poison Megz

Even though summer is long gone and far away I also checked off Banana Nutella S'mores in an ultra fun way. I made Banana Nutella S'more Wontons! Look at these beauties!
Photo by Poison Megz
All you need to make these are wonton wrappers, sliced banana, Nutella, and marshmallow fluff or mini marshmallows diced up.  I just mixed the marshmallow fluff and Nutella together, put a small spoonful in the center of one wonton, a slice of banana on top of that, and then sealed with another wonton wrapper.  These were decadent, delicious, and ooey gooey goodness.  They were good warm, room temp, and cold. The cross-section is pretty gorgeous too.
Photo by Poison Megz

So gooey! I think this would also be amazing if you swapped the Nutella out for peanut butter and added some crumbled bacon-- Elvis Wontons! 

And that is it for December. I did it! I crossed something off every single month of 2015. Now let's move on to my 2016 resolutions. There are not a lot of them and they are not anything major.

1. Keep checking things off of my bucket list every month!
2. Eat healthier at least half of the time.
3. Go for more walks when it is not Antarctica outside.
4. Read for Pleasure more often.
5. Make local friends.
6. Find an exercise program/strategy that I do not hate.
7. "Positive Outcomes Only!"

And that is basically it!  Number 5 is going to be the hardest for me.  I have no idea how to make friends as an adult.  I do not really get along with the playgroup/soccer mom type crowd so that sort of rules out befriending other parents in the area.  I am not really a part of the bar scene any more, so that's out.  I am not working while I finish my degree outside of writing and events, so there are no co-workers.  Please, someone tell me how to adult in a small town with zero groups on Meet-up?  I am out of ideas.  Hopefully once I graduate and start working this will change and I will have really awesome co-workers.  That could totally happen.

The last one is a quote from Hellcats, the best show to ever get cancelled early by the CW.  I need to know more about that plot and it is a hole that will never be filled within my soul.  Surely someone else feels me on this?

As always I will also be remembering to Live Life Decadently in 2016, as should all of you! 

Until Next Time,
Poison Megz


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