August Bucket List: 3 Summer-tastic Items and a Waffle It!

I really wanted to focus on getting as many summer items checked off before summer came to an end, so this month I checked off three items on the summer section of my list!  I love watching the number drop on items left to complete.

Now I had "Make Ice Cream" on my bucket list.  I wanted this to be an excuse to buy an ice cream maker.  I hoped to find one at a thrift store, but no such luck.  I had seen a few no churn recipes and decided to give no churn ice cream a shot.  I made strawberry cheesecake no churn.  It was pretty easy, but I think it set up too hard. After a little microwaving it was fine and yummy.  It basically just tasted like frozen cheesecake filling, but who on earth could be sad about that?

Photo by Poison Megz

Another item on my summer bucket list is "Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich". So since I had the ice cream made, it seemed like a logical next step.  I decided to make brownie waffles. I want to waffle all the things so this is my first "Waffle It!" on the blog as well!  I used a Ghiradelli box mix.  Next time I would use one without chocolate chunks because the time it took for the brownie waffle to cook made the chocolate burn, making the outside of the waffle harden.  I still ate it though, and it was still delicious. So the verdict on brownie waffles is yes, but only with a normal brownie batter.  What else should I waffle? Let me know in the comments!

Photo by Poison Megz

The last summer item I checked off in August is probably my favorite.  It was fun, refreshing, and tasty.  "Drink Out of a Coconut" was chosen when I spotted young coconuts in the store.  I figured they would be perfect for this.  My partner drilled a hole in the coconut for me, I poured the water out through a strainer, and then knocked the loose bits from the opening.  I  mixed the coconut water with lime juice, pineapple juice, spiced rum, and a little sugar.  I shook it in a mixer with ice and then poured it back in to the coconut with a funnel.  Stick a straw in it, and bam! Coconut cup! 

Photo by Poison Megz

I didn't measure anything for the drink, but it turned out amazing.  It probably would have been perfect on a beach or next to a pool.  I drank it in the living room chair, because I have neither a beach nor a pool.  It was just as satisfying in the chair knowing it was 100 degrees outside.  Really, knowing it was that hot out and that I was inside with air conditioning probably made it even more satisfying.
Photo by Poison Megz

P.S. How do people take such adorable photos of them drinking things?  Because I made many attempts and have deemed it impossible to turn out anything other than awkward.

So that was August! A whole lot of yummy summer things checked off of the Bucket List.

Remember to Live Life Decadently every day!

xoxo Poison Megz


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