January Bucket List: Kombucha and the Oldest Debt


As the month of January was coming to a close I began to worry that this mission would be over before it had even begun.  I kept waiting on someone else to want to embark on an adventure with me to cross off an item.  I was scrolling through the list and trying to find something to do on my own almost daily.  And then on a trip to the grocery store with my boyfriend I spotted a bottle of Kombucha.  I grabbed the traditional version and felt content with being able to cross "Try Kombucha" off of my list.  Kombucha obviously is not a new thing, I had seen friends posting about it for years and always meant to try it.  Fermented tea that's goof for your guts.  Sounded like one health craze I could get behind as an avid tea fan.  I've seen how it's made, seen the gross looking disks of bacteria that form, but weird food stuffs has never bothered me so I had no fear going in to it.  I should have had fear.  Here is a lovely photo of me all full of hope with my bottle of Kombucha ready to take the plunge in to a new healthy discovery!

I look so full of hope. I was wrong. I took a sip and swallowed quickly. I was unsure of the taste, so I took another. Vinegar. Fizzy vinegar.  That's all I could taste. I reluctantly kept drinking, hoping it would get better. It didn't. This photo went to Instagram and my personal Facebook where several friends assured me I just tried a bad brand and flavor and encouraged me to try again with a different flavor and brand. I haven't seen any others where I live, but I am sure when I venture out to Whole Foods for the first time there will be many.  So maybe I will give it another go.  Does anyone have any flavor or brand tips? Preferably ones that will not make me look like this after every sip:
^Dramatic Recreation of unflattering post-Kombucha face^

Next time, I will totally videotape the taste testing if I get some recommendations for Kombuchas that will not make my face look anything like that. It was bad, really. And I like vinegar! Just not in my tea. I also love yummy fermented things. Kimchi is my jam. Love the stuff. Kombucha and I are not friends though. If you think you can change my mind, please do!

The Oldest Debt

Credit cards, student loans, doctor bills.  These are things that nearly everyone I know has looming over them.  I started my relationship with the debt pretty much the moment I turned 18 when I got my first credit card in order to build credit so I could obtain student loans, as I would not have anyone able to cosign.  My best friend at the time helped me pick my card, the Disney Rewards Visa.  We would use our cards, pay them right off, and earn points to eventually go off to Disney World together! Awesome right? Wrong. So wrong.  You get 1 point for every $100 you spend and they expire.  So unless your spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, you will never pay for your vacation.  I currently have $13.50 in Disney Rewards Dollars. You can't even cash them out for a rewards card until you have $20 worth.  Several of these "dollars" expired last year bringing me down from maybe $16 to where I am now.  I would need to spend another $750 on this card to even be able to cash these out.  It's not going to happen, so they'll just float off in to space like they never existed.  Definitely the worst rewards card ever.  This card has carried a balance since I was 18.  I'm 27 now.  That's 9 years.  Life has had it's ups and downs.  It's been paid down a few hundred here and there, and then bounced right back up again when something went wrong with my car or I needed something for my son.  I have been looking at my life lately and decided I am sick of carrying around a balance.  So with tax season upon us, I decided to cross another item off my bucket list and pay off the entire balance on my Disney card. I paid off my oldest debt.  It made me feel very vulnerable taking a chunk of money like that and paying this off, but it also felt like I lifted some of the weight of my shoulders.  That's one less monthly payment now.  One less thing hanging over my head.  I know it's a small step, but it's a step in the right direction and one thing I am very proud to cross off of my bucket list.

That's two down for January. Bring on February!

Xoxo Poison Megz


  1. Try a Kombucha with Chia- they tend to be a little sweeter and the texture is a whole new experience! I also like the Kombucha from Tapuat Brewing Co.- they're local to me :) I think ginger or grape ones mask the vinegar taste, but tbh I love it.

    1. Sweeter is good! I like ginger a lot so I'll keep an eye out for a ginger flavor. Thanks!

  2. Oh man this is the third time I have typed this out what a bummer. My last attempt... Congrats on ditching your debt! Kombucha takes some getting used to. When I first started drinking it I was hooked on GT's Synergy in the trilogy flavor. Nowadays I avoid all of the GT's in clear bottles because they contain the lab created organism gbi 30 which is whack. The brand I'm currently most partial to is Health Ade. It comes in a short, tinted, 16oz bottle in great flavors- plum, pink lady apple, ginger lemon, and (if you like spicy) cayanne cleanse. Revive is an awesome brand but I think they are local to norcal. A good introductory brand to try is Live Kombucha. They make sodas that are sweeter than other brews. The sparkling ginger is nice and the pure doctor flavor tastes a lot like dr. pepper. Hope this helps! Good luck on your kombucha journey. :)

    1. Oh I used to be addicted to Dr. Pepper so if I can find that pure doctor flavor I will definitely be trying it. I like spicy too so I'll look for the Cayenne Cleanse as well thanks!


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