Mission: Bucket List

I know it's been awhile since I've posted an update here.  I'd like to get back on the wagon with it.  So here's the quick update.  I'm living in Kentucky, the little is happy and healthy, and I've fallen in love.

So, here's the deal.  I did not make any of the typical resolutions this New Year's.  Instead, I made only one, to check off at least one item on my bucket list per month.  I'll share that journey here in hopes that will make me accountable to stick with it.  I'm always adding to the list but I will include it here as it currently stands.

  1. 1000 Origami Cranes
  2. Akasia's story
  3. Attend a film premiere
  4. Backpack Europe
  5. Be a mermaid
  6. Be comfortable in water
  7. Bonfire on a beach
  8. Build something
  9. Burlesque
  10. Bushido sushi challenge
  11. Camp Grounded
  12. Catch a ball at a baseball game
  13. Charity dinner
  14. Coachella
  15. Colts game
  16. Crash a wedding
  17. Crow ring
  18. Dance in Memphis
  19. Drink in an ice bar
  20. Duck press
  21. Equal love
  22. Feed a baby tiger
  23. Feed sharks
  24. Finish Bachelors degree
  25. Get killed in a photo shoot
  26. Get punched by Mike Tyson
  27. Ghost hunt
  28. Gishwishes
  29. Go camping
  30. Go to the Ellen show
  31. Go up in a helicopter
  32. Go up in a hot air balloon
  33. Grad school
  34. Healthy weight
  35. Hold a koala
  36. Horror style Trash the dress photo shoot
  37. Job I love
  38. Juice cleanse
  39. Kate Morgan room birthday trip
  40. Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel
  41. Learn an instrument
  42. Learn another language
  43. Learn to butcher
  44. Learn to Eat Fire
  45. Learn to read tea leaves
  46. Learn to sew
  47. Learn to shoot
  48. Learn to shuck oysters
  49. Learn to weld
  50. Live in another country
  51. Lollapalooza
  52. Make a perfect soufflé
  53. Make and bury a time capsule
  54. Make cheese
  55. Make pickles
  56. Masquerade ball
  57. Meet Dario Argento
  58. Meet Molly Ringwald
  59. Milk a cow
  60. Mistletoe kiss
  61. Mix music
  62. Murder mystery dinner
  63. Name a star
  64. NYE in Times Square
  65. Order the most expensive wine on a menu.
  66. Order the winnimere cheese
  67. Overcome a great fear
  68. Own Louboutins
  69. Pay off all cc debt
  70. Pay Off Babies R Us
  71. Pay off BML
  72. Pay off hospital bill
  73. Pay off Meijer
  74. Pay off Target
  75. Pay off VS
  76. Perform spoken word
  77. Pet a manatee
  78. Plant a tree/watch it grow
  79. Random vacation
  80. Ride a mechanical bull
  81. Rock boat
  82. Safari
  83. See a ballet
  84. See a show on Broadway
  85. See La Vie Boheme
  86. See The Cure perform live
  87. See the Northern Lights
  88. Set a record
  89. Sister tattoos
  90. Skinny dipping
  91. Skydive
  92. Smoke an expensive cigar
  93. Spa day
  94. Stand under a waterfall
  95. Start a geocache
  96. Stay in a castle
  97. Stomp grapes
  98. Stop pushing people away
  99. Take a contemporary class
  100. Take a hip hop class
  101. Take the first flight available at an airport
  102. Tattoos-finish original ideas
  103. Tech free weekend
  104. Throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands
  105. Truffle hunting
  106. Try escargot
  107. Urban exploring
  108. Walk The Overnight
  109. Watch a solar eclipse
  110. Work on a film
  111. Write a children's book
  112. Write a horror novel
  113. Write a script
  114. Write a will
  115. Zip line
So there it is, the list! Some are simple, some will obviously take some more time, and others may be damned near impossible. I've already completed two in January: Try Kombucha and Pay off my Disney Visa.  So look for a post on that in the near future.  And if you have any suggestions of essential life experiences please make them! This list is a living breathing thing, always growing.

And of course I'll still share any other decadence I come across in life.

Take care my dears!

xoxo Poison Megz


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