PopSugar Must Have Summer Edition for Him

Hello my little addicts, it has been awhile since I last wrote.  I damaged my laptop and have had a few other complications but I am back.  I just received this box in the mail today, earlier than I had anticipated it.

I really love these black boxes that they use for the special editions.  The outside slides off, it will be great for storing items.
Adorable plaid tissue paper, this will be saved to reuse as well.

The first Item I unwrapped was this reversible pocket square from Ivy Prepster.  It has a retail value of $40.  The other side is red gingham.  This will make a fantastic gift for my brother's birthday that is coming up.

The next item I unwrapped was "Stuff Every Man should Know" by Brett Cohen valued at $9.95.  I flipped through this book and love it.  It includes instructions for things like changing a flat tire, starting a campfire, throwing a punch, and how to negotiate a raise.  I will be keeping this for myself because it has some very useful instructables in it.  It would make a fun gift for a guy friend, but since it has things in it like how to pick up a woman it may not be the best gift for a father or other male relative unless you have a good humorous bond with that man.

Now these sunglasses by Proof are the big ticket item in this box valued at $130.  And they are amazing.  A dark wood, in a really neat box with a slide lid.  I wish I didn't wear prescription lenses so that I could wear these.  These actually make me wish I had contact lenses so I could wear them.  These are a really great item and definitely a great summer item.

Gourmet wing sauces? Uhm heck yes! Anyone that knows me knows I love wings and I love hot sauce.  and now I have 4 sauces to make my own with.  These The Modern Gourmet sauces are valued at $9.99 on average based on an internet search.  These will definitely get used by me and probably very soon.  I'll review the sauces in a later post.

Sorry for the glare in this photo, every single one I took was like that.  This is Bloody Mary by Stu's is a bloody mary concentrate.  I have received this before from Mantry for a contest I won and it is delicious.  Just the right amount of spice for the average person, I added more heat to mine.  The spice blend is superb as well.  This is a local company to me and I love seeing great small companies being noticed instead of mass producers.  If you haven't tried this yet definitely grab yourself a bottle. Retail value is $9.00.

Anthony Logistics for Men Facial Sunscreen, Retail value $32.00.  This is the oil-free variety.  I haven't heard of this brand, but I am actually going to keep this for myself.  I always wind up with a burnt face in the summer because my skin is so sensitive to all the women's products.  I think this may actually work for me.

The final item is a S'well water bottle.  This same bottle was also in the Summer Edition for Her box so now I am the proud owner of two of these bottles.  These bottles are pretty cool though.  They will keep your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.  The retail value is $35.00.

Overall the total value of this box is $265.94.  A great value considering the box cost $100.  The sunglasses alone cost more than what was paid.  I had been a little let down by the last few PopSugar Must Have boxes and was about 50/50 on the Summer Edition for her box but I absolutely LOVE this men's box.  It is a collection of great items that can be appreciated by both men and women.  If this hasn't sold out yet I definitely recommend picking one up!

What do you all think about this Special Edition box?

This was a great way for me to add some decadent products into my life for a less than decadent cost.
xoxo Poison

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The code REFER5 will save you $5 on your first box.


  1. I got mine today! So stoked! I get to wear the glasses as they don't fit my man. I think they look great on me! :)

  2. Greetings Megan! I'm Heather and I was hoping you would answer my question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)


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