Just when you thought you were cured...

The Poison returns.  I know you missed how I felt coursing through veins, the high I would give you.  While I'm back.  I had my little teacup human on October, 10th 2012.  He was born healthy and huge, and just keeps growing.  At some point soon it appears I will have to cease and desist referring to him as teacup human, ah well, there's always the return to his nickname from in the womb of Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.  If you don't understand that you really need to watch more Doctor Who.  Speaking of, the merriest day of the year will be quickly upon us!  Doctor Who-mas! Also known of the day us Whovians finally get our fix of our quirky Time Lord.  Personally I can't wait.  I'll be sad to see the start of a series without Amy and Rory...but this new companion sure is pretty.  Hopefully she'll have the personality to match.  Really I'm just happy I'll have a new episode to watch.  I'm so sad when Doctor Who goes away.

That really was not supposed to be about Doctor Who at all, but hey these things happen, that's what Moffat wants.  You're going on talking about your own teacup human than all of the sudden, bam! You're going on about Doctor Who.

Stay tuned for my slightly less than decadent experience at Days of the Dead Chicago 2012.  I swear giving up my VIP pass will make sense to you.  For now I will leave you with my tiny TARDIS and bowtie loving teacup human.

Photo Credit: PoisonMegz

Now look at the face.... you forgive me for staying away so long now?  I thought so.  My little addicts, meet Lukas Robert Kane.  There's a story to that name.  Several stories actually, as it was supposed to be Lukas Robert Loki nearly the entire pregnancy.  Maybe I'll share sometime, the story involves death and a horror convention.  Intriguing, eh? Now remember to Live Life Decadently, that's the key to happiness.  And watching Doctor Who. Seriously, why are you not doing that already?



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