Poison, Where have you been?

First off, I would like to thank my readers that have stuck around during my time off from writing.  Several things lead to this extended leave of absence.  The largest factor being that I am pregnant.  I did not want to turn this in to a pregnancy blog or a mommy blog, and the decadence I strive to maintain had to fall to the back-burner a bit.  I had to stop a few of the activities that were supposed to be a part of this-- no more unique beer, no more tattoos, and limited eating.  I am also not with the father of the baby and lost my job in May.  Preparing for a baby's arrival on simply what I make modeling has not allowed me to live life decadently often.  I have moved to Indiana to my mother's temporarily but am starting to put a plan together.  I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and with my energy back up I have been able to partake in some worthy activities.  I have decided to start this up again.  There will be several posts about adventures I have had coming up and they will include zombies and other spectacular things. So please stay tuned and follow the page!


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