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Bucket List: 2018 Wrap-up

Hello lovelies and happy 2019! Once again, I have fallen behind. I am still so passionate about having my little bucket list adventures but I admit, it was a darker end to the year and I just could not find the energy to come write about it. I am on the rise again though and feeling more like myself than ever. I'm at a Crossroads right now and am not sure if I will continue on with this blog, but if I do I hope to find more support in my network. So, I'm going to keep most of this short and sweet to catch up in one go and then I need everyone to bug me to keep up with my darn posts! Don't let me go in to hermit mode again team. May 2018: I ate a lobster roll for the first time while in Charlotte, NC for a horror convention. It was delicious and I can only imagine how heavenly one will be in Maine. June 2018: I ordered the most expensive wine on the menu at my favorite local place. The wine was a  Louis Bernard 2011 Gigondas. I'm not normally a dry red fan, bu

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